Our statutory obligations ensure our compliance in all aspects of our work, making us answerable to both employees and client, as well as legal structures under which we fall.

Labour Outsourcing

Our comprehensive, up-to-date database allows us to draw from an extensive number of skilled, semi-skilled and administrative candidates, across various fields, at any stage, to meet your specific business needs.

• Recruitment;
• Reference checks;
• Inductions and Medical Compliance;
• Payroll processing;
• All statutory requirements – UIF, WCA, PAYE etc;
• Absenteeism management;
• Disciplinary procedures;
• CCMA attendance; and
• General management of employees on job site.

Invoice Discounting (Factoring)

Invoice discounting provides the finance you need, but your credit team remains in control of collecting payments against your outstanding invoice.

Access up to 80% of the funds held in your invoices
within 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait to be paid;
Your business remains in control of your debtors;
Our local service allows us to provide clients with personal and tailor-made service;
Simple and easy to access funds; and
All our transactions are 100% confidential.

Payroll Financing

The benefits of using Payroll Financing reach beyond positive cash flow. This system is quickly becoming the preferred financing method for the staffing industry and SMEs. We understand the ebb and flow of your business cycle and have deep industry expertise to help your business grow.

• No minimum volume requirements;
• Competitive Rates; and
• Flexible Terms.

Payroll & HR Management

Our team offers specialised knowledge across all industries and ensures compliance with all statutory obligations. We report to both employees and client, using sophisticated Payroll Software.

• Full SAGE VIP payroll function;
• Printing of customized payslips and
delivery to client;
• Transferring of salaries and wages to employees;
• Customized reporting;
• Maintaining leave records;
• Third party payments and reconciliations;
• Tax Year End reconciliations – including IRP5 distribution; and
• CCMA consulting.